Pattern N Cake Studio

Hi I’m Agnes Lam, and welcome to my profile website! I am a fresh graduate student with a bachelor’s degree in BBA with a marketing concentration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

I found digital marketing incredibly fascinating. Mostly due to the fact that the smallest changes in this digital world could mean a huge difference for everyone!

I am also a freelance graphic designer and the baker behind Pattern N Cake Studio.

This website mainly consists of a multitude of my creations; from baked goods, graphic design, photography and other works which bring about happiness.


Be Creative, dream big, learn, and execute now.  

Every industry need creativity, everyone needs to be happy and the world needs dreamers.

Who am I ?




Here's what I can do for you


As a business student pursuing my goal of becoming a modern marketer,I have learned many talents which include the ability to shift between an artistic and logical point of view, in order to adapt and thrive in the rapidly-changing marketing landscape. I believe that creative ideas and designs can be combined with strategic solutions in order to optimize the outcome.

Need a graphic designer?

I want to help you to infuse personality into your company products by creating inspiring design. My mission is to bring positive energy and express messages in a rich and colourful way that present an unforgettable picture in people’s minds.


Is there an occasion you need cakes and desserts for? Or are you just satisfying that sweet tooth? Whether it is  for yourself or friends, family and someone you treasure, these treats are sure to bring happiness and smile all around! : )

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